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Composite Bonding

Chips, holes or gaps in your teeth can be a source of unnecessary worry and distress. In fact, it can even make you less confident because you may be afraid to smile when the need arises.

Through composite bonding, your teeth can be restored to their natural look, and as a result, your entire facial appearance can be improved by having a beautiful and beaming smile.

What is Composite Bonding?

Composite bonding incorporates white fillings which are used to match the texture and shade of your natural teeth.

Bonding works great to fill in gaps between teeth, extend teeth or to replace chips on teeth. Composite bonded veneers are popular due to the fact they can easily be repaired and removed in the future and is also a non-invasive option for porcelain veneers too.

Composites are a great way to restore your natural smile and give your teeth a wholesome appearance – consult our expert Caerphilly dentists today and enjoy your new set of pearly whites.

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Composite Bonding FAQs

Composite Bonding requires a high level of dentistry skills – make sure your dentist has undergone proper post-graduate training in dental bonding specifically. They should also show you before/after photos if need be.

Dental bonding is a good choice if a quick tooth restoration job is needed, until you can go for a more permanent solution such as veneers.

This restorative cosmetic procedure is a great way to restore stained or chipped teeth, or change your tooth’s shape and colour. It is also useful for restoring pieces of your tooth around a receding gumline, which can leave the root half-exposed.



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