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White Fillings

If you are looking to replace discoloured or worn out teeth and fully restore a pearly white smile, you are going to need high quality white fillings.

Fillings are used to replace parts of your teeth which have been lost due to natural wear, decay or damage. A strong and durable white filling can restore all your damaged teeth to their original shape, size and colour, while allowing you to use them like all your natural teeth.

How Are White Fillings Installed?

Many people today have white fillings in their mouth, which are not only as functional as a normal tooth but also enhance your natural smile.

Replace your old and worn out fillings today; get long-lasting white fillings which will help you chew better and gives you a major confidence boost every time you talk and especially, laugh. Our dentists will conduct a thorough assessment and guide you so as to how white fillings can enhance the overlook look and functionality of your natural teeth.

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White Filling FAQs

This greatly depends on what teeth the white fillings have been implemented and how heavily you bite down while chewing. Consult your dentist to know how long fillings typically last under normal wear and tear and good dental/oral hygiene practices.

Once prepared, the white filling is placed in layers on your tooth – each layer is hardened using a specialised light. The filling is then moulded to fit the unique shape of your tooth. It is fully polished to match the natural colour of your teeth so that premature wear and tear can be prevented.

Not quite – over the course of time, just like natural teeth, white fillings can lose colour. However, how quickly they lose colour is directly correlated with oral hygiene habits including the consumption of beverages and smoking.



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