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Northview Dental practice is committed to providing high quality dental care to patients, including routine, emergency and cosmetic dental treatment.

We are committed to promoting good oral health through sound preventive advice within the surgery as well as through wall displays, leaflets and television screens. We always aim to provide the most up to date information and advice from evidence-based research and support our decision making where possible with national guidelines, making patients aware of these where required. We welcome the views of our patients and encourage them to be involved in making decisions about their treatment and care.

 We welcome the opportunity to be involved with local organisations in promoting good oral and general health to the population and we feel that as we see patients sometimes on a bi-annual basis that we are in a favourable position to offer health advice.

We ensure all of our staff have the right skills and receive the correct training to provide the best quality care to patients, and we encourage staff to further their skills where this may benefit patient care. We aim to work closely with other health professionals in the best interests of our patients, whether this be referral for specialist treatment or with the patient’s general medical practitioner.

 Finally, we aim to make patients feel they are being treated in a safe, trustworthy and comfortable environment, and to be confident that we always aim to provide the highest possible quality of care and treatment to everyone.



We provide general dental services to all age ranges, including routine hard/soft tissue oral examinations with radiographs where indicated to aid diagnosis of dental and oral disease (including caries, periodontal disease, tooth surface loss, temporomandibular joint dysfunction and oral cancer) as well as treatment for dental emergencies such as pain, infection and dental trauma. We provide a range of preventive advice tailored to the individual patient’s needs; this may include dietary advice, oral hygiene instruction and smoking cessation advice, as well as educating patients about the link between good oral hygiene/diet and oral health.

Treatment available includes removal of caries and placement of direct or indirect restorations (inlays/onlays/crowns), non-surgical treatment of periodontal disease (dentist/hygienist), management of tooth surface loss, extraction of painful or unrestorable/infected/non vital teeth, endodontic treatment of painful or unrestorable/infected/non vital teeth and prosthetic treatment to replace missing teeth (including acrylic, cobalt chrome and flexi-dentures, and resin bonded/conventional bridges).

We appreciate that some patients may have a higher treatment need, for example vulnerable groups (young children, older people, substance misusers, those with physical or learning disabilities) and aim to adapt our services wherever possible to meet their additional needs. With two ground floor surgeries and an accessible ground floor toilet, we are able to cater to the needs of patients with mobility issues/physical impairments.

Where referral is indicated, patients are referred to the most appropriate healthcare professional/centre.


For patients over the age of 18 years of age, we also provide the following private treatments:

       Tooth whitening (all GDPs)

       Clear aligner orthodontic treatment ‘Invisalign’ (provided by Dr Andrew Sullivan – Invisalign London Course)

       Cosmetically focused adult orthodontic appliances (suitable for GDPs to prescribe) ‘CFAST’ (provided by Dr Andrew Sullivan – CFAST accreditation course, Birmingham)

       Facial aesthetics: botulinum toxin ‘anti-wrinkle’ injections (provided by Dr Aliesha Williams)

Patients are able to book online for private appointments, via our website.



We have a comments/suggestions box on reception where patients can express their views confidentially, whether these be positive or negative.

We have recently set up our practice social media pages and website and patients are able to post or email their views to us via this method too.

We soon hope to carry out an up to date patient satisfaction audit in the form of a patient experience questionnaire. We would like to know what patients like about the practice, what they feel could be improved and how they feel about the treatments available in the practice. This will give us valuable insight into our current practice and areas where we could improve our service.



Please see our complaints policy for details on how to complain about your dental treatment.


Our practice has an equality and diversity policy, patient privacy, dignity and confidentiality policy, and disability policy, all of which emphasise the importance of treating everyone exactly the same irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, belief and religion, nationality, marital status, pregnancy or age. They ensure that we do not discriminate against any individual in any way and aim to treat each patient fairly, with dignity and respect. We strive to accommodate all patients’ needs, which we appreciate will vary greatly depending on the above.

Patient confidentiality and social media

Our Social Media policy does not allow staff to use personal social media sites during work hours, and out of work hours staff should not post any racist, discriminative or abusive comments that would bring the practice into disrepute.

Staff do not discuss or disclose sensitive information about individual patients, or disclose any information that may allow another person to identify a patient. This applies both outside of work and within the practice if discussions are outside of the surgery or not in a patient’s best interests.

Communication, information and consent

Information and patient correspondence is through the medium of English, and this has met the needs of our patients to date, however can produce information in other languages should this be required. Dr Bethan Sullivan, one of our Associate Dentists and deputy practice manager is a fluent Welsh speaker and is able to offer a service through the medium of Welsh should this be desired. If there are language difficulties, we encourage patients to attend with a friend or relative who is over the age of 18 who can translate and help them understand. Similarly, patients with learning difficulties are encouraged to attend with a friend, carer or family member who knows them well so that they can be assisted in making their own decisions if possible. Dr Bethan Sullivan has recently completed a 12 month DCT2 (dental core training year 2) post in community and special care dentistry, and so has some experience in treating patients with physical and/or learning difficulties, who may not have the capacity to make their own decisions about treatment. Our Dental care and treatment of patients who lack capacity policy, which takes into account principles of the mental capacity act, outlines the way in which we should approach obtaining valid consent from patients who cannot consent from themselves or who may need help in making decisions.

Our large television screens enable improved communication with patients about costs, any changes within the practice affecting patients, treatment options and information about treatment. However, treatment options and costs are always discussed with the patient in surgery before treatment plans are agreed to ensure consent is valid, and written information and/or consent forms are provided where appropriate for certain procedures e.g. tooth whitening, cosmetically focused adult orthodontics, clear aligners (Invisalign) and botulinum toxin injections.

We understand that sometimes patients may not have the literacy skills to be able to read or write, and we take a sympathetic approach to these patients wheReby we can offer help in completing paperwork either at reception, or confidentially in surgery.

Our data protection policies (Access to information held by the practice, confidentiality policy, data security policy) cover all aspects of confidentiality and consent in line with GDPR 2018. Bethan Sullivan is named as the Data Protection Officer for the practice. Our privacy notice is displayed in our waiting room and on our website.


We are fortunate to have two ground-floor surgeries at the practice and so patients who cannot make it upstairs can be seen downstairs. We have a ramp which we are able to use at the front of the practice should patients require this. The downstairs waiting room is spacious and has easy access to both downstairs surgeries, and an accessible toilet is located just off the waiting room.


Statement of Purpose reviewed on 28/11/2018

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