Dental Check-Up

Do you need a dental check-up in Caerphilly? You’ve come to the right place.

Don’t let bad teeth get you down. Get your smile back with regular dental check-ups – the best way to take care of your oral health. Even if your teeth are in good shape at the moment, it’s still a good idea to see a dentist. Getting into this habit will allow you to stay one step ahead of any dental problems.

Regular check-ups let you spot issues in their early stages, so you can get them treated before they cause any serious damage.

What is a Dental Check-up?

A dental check-up is a preliminary examination of your mouth and teeth designed to flag up anything that needs attention.

Regular check-ups are a must for all patients, but some people will need more check-ups than others. Your dentist will be able to work out a schedule that’s right for you.

What's involved with a Dental Check-up

A dental check-up consists of three main steps:

Dental Health Examination 1

Sometimes we will also perform an x-ray. This allows us to spot hard-to-find conditions such as bone depletion as a result of gum disease. You’ll be reassured to hear that we’ll look for signs of mouth cancer and other serious problems at the same time.

Finally, we will use your check-up as an opportunity to look for plaque build-up. If we can, we will treat this on the spot. If this isn’t possible, we’ll refer you to our hygienist. We can save you time by booking your hygienist session at the same time as your check-up.

"I Love my New Smile!"

Dental Health Examination 2
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