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Are you looking for a dental crown in the Caerphilly area? We can help.

Is a damaged tooth making it difficult to eat or smile? A dental crown might be the answer. A crown is simple and effective – it’s just a cap that is fixed to a damaged tooth with dental glue.

Crowns can solve a range of dental problems. Fractured or decayed teeth can be mended with a crown, and minor complaints such as misshapen or discoloured teeth can also be treated with crowns. Last but not least, crowns are a great way to permanently restore teeth that have large fillings.

More about Dental Crown

For certain dental complaints, there may be other options besides a crown. These include:

Dental veneers- These are a good way to fix chips, unsightly gaps between teeth, or misshapen and/or heavily discoloured teeth. Like a crown, a veneer is made from porcelain and is attached directly to the tooth. The difference is that a veneer only covers the front part of the tooth, while a crown covers the whole thing.

Dental fillings – In some cases, a tooth coloured dental filling may also be an option. Fillings are designed to plug holes (or cavities) in your teeth and can be more conservative than veneers and crowns as they don’t require as much tooth preparation.

Not at all. We numb the tooth and the surrounding area with anaesthetic, so the procedure is completely painless.

The longevity of a dental crown is greatly influenced by your lifestyle, but you can usually expect it to last between 15 and 30 years. If you are looking for something longer lasting, you might prefer a dental implant.

Following a thorough dental examination and any required xrays, you’ll be booked in for a crown preparation appointment, where the dentist will numb your mouth if required and prepare the tooth ready for a crown. They will take impressions or a scan of your mouth and place a temporary crown over your tooth, while your new crown is made to fit your exact tooth by our experienced and skilled lab technicians. This takes 14 days usually. Your dentist will then book you in for the crown to be fitted with a special dental cement.

It is hard to give an exact price because it will depend on how much work is needed to prepare the support tooth. We will provide a detailed consultation before you make any decisions, so there won’t be any nasty surprises. We’ll talk you through every step of the procedure, recommend the most effective course of treatment, and let you know exactly what you can expect to pay.

Dental Crown - The Process

Step 1

Dental Examination

The first step is coming to see us for an initial examination. We’ll use this session to x-ray the target tooth, so we know exactly what we’re dealing with. This x-ray allows us to design your bespoke treatment plan, which provides an in-depth guide to all of your options.

Step 1

Step 2

Dental Crown Preparation

If you decide that a dental crown is right for you, we’ll book you in for a one-hour appointment. During this session, we’ll gently alter the shape of the target tooth so that it’s ready for the crown. It takes a while to build your new crown, so we’ll provide you with a temporary version to wear in the meantime. This allows you to eat and drink normally while you wait for your permanent crown.

Step 2

Step 3

Dental Crown Fitting

When your dental crown is ready, we’ll call you back in for a quick 30-minute session. That’s all the time we need to get it fitted.

Step 3

Dental Crown & Bridge Examples

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