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Dental Check Up

Your oral health is something you should never take for granted – regular dental check-ups are absolutely essential for maintaining good oral health all year around.

Preventive oral check-ups are not only recommended for adults but children and teens as well.
At our dental practice in Caerphilly, we make sure that you as well as your kids get a warm welcome and enjoy a highly positive and friendly atmosphere.

Our dentists will make everyone comfortable and relaxed, particularly during dental check-ups and oral cleaning procedures.

Why You Need Regular Dental Check-ups

A timely dental check-up can help you prevent minor dental problems or certain conditions which could lead to major dental problems down the line.

In addition to good dental care at home, a thorough dental check-up ensures that your teeth, gums and mouth are in tip top shape and free of any gum diseases or infections. During a check-up, you might discover hidden symptoms of future dental problems, so the sooner you get a check-up, the better.

Give yourself and your children the oral care they deserve – meet our friendly dentists by calling us for an initial consultation today.

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Dental Check-up FAQs

Regular dental visits can help you prevent dental issues that may occur down the line. We all face dental issues at some point in our lives. Our dentist can identify symptoms which may not be easily detectable by the untrained eye.

We would advise getting a dental check-up every six months.

Regular check-ups will ensure your dentist can pick up on problems early on before they start to cause pain or swelling (when it is often too late!). At Northview Dental we are strong believers that prevention is better than cure, so identifying problems early may save you needing more invasive treatment, such as root canal treatment or extractions, further down the line. Our dentists also carry out a thorough soft tissue examination to screen for gum disease and mouth cancer, both of which are difficult to diagnose by an untrained eye.



Our friendly and experienced dental team is here to help you. Click on the images below to learn more about your dental team.

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