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What is SmileFast?

Northview Dental are proud to be able to offer the revolutionary SmileFast direct composite bonding technique to our patients. It uses the latest digital technology to design and test your perfect smile, providing high quality results.

Composite is bonded to the front four or six teeth, usually without any significant drilling or damage, unlike traditional veneers and crowns. The colour is matched to your teeth, giving a seamless join and mimicking the real tooth.

Composite bonding can help you achieve a smile you are happier with, with minimal time spent in the chair and most importantly, minimal damage to your natural teeth.

Smile Fast Options
Smilefast before after example
SmileFast Before After Example 2

More about Composite Bonding

SmileFast can be used to improve the appearance of your front 4-6 teeth by closing gaps, fixing worn/chipped/misshaped teeth and improving teeth colour and shape. The alternatives are traditional ceramic crowns or veneers which require your natural teeth to be prepared (often requiring removal of healthy tooth tissue).

The dentist will start by taking photos of your teeth and a digital scan of your mouth. These are then used to design your dream smile and possible treatment options. You’ll then have an appointment whereby the design is tried in your mouth, so that you can preview what the teeth will look and feel like, and any adjustments can be made at this stage. Finally, we’ll invite you back for the definitive stage and carry out the SmileFast bonding procedure.

Depending on the number of teeth being treated and the complexity of treatment, prices start from £1500. 0% finance options are available.

"I Love my New Smile!"

SmileFast 2

Making your visit Comfortable

We want every patient to feel welcome, so we’ve designed our spacious, modern practice with your comfort in mind. Judging by our positive reviews, it seems to be working! We’re always keen to hear your feedback so why not stop by and tell us what you think? Invisalign is the premier teeth straightening treatment for adults and, at Northview Dental Practice, we are proud to have been providing Invisalign treatment to our patients for a number of years.

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